About Us

Butterbean Designs is an apparel company started in 2021 by Sarah & Timothy McElyea. It started off as a sarcastic apparel company that provided a lot of smart mouth designs that are hard to find and then it grew into something else. Starting this apparel company was a way to combine Sarah’s sarcasm with Timothy’s love for the military.

For Timothy, being in the military is something indescribable. It is something you carry for the rest of your life from the values you learned, to the bonds that were formed, and the unique sense of humor you develop. It will be some of the best worst times of your life. It will change your outlook on normal everyday life. That unique sense of humor and love for his country is portrayed throughout our apparel.

“Run Butterbean Run!” was a familiar chant heard across the small town softball fields by a Dad sitting on the tailgate of his pickup truck. For a teenage girl this was mortifying. As an adult, you look back on that memory and see a Dad that was struggling to provide for a family working countless hours but still squeezing in time to see his daughter play a game because even though she didn’t realize it at the time, it meant the world to have her Dad there. You see a memory filled with so much guidance and love. Hence how the name Butterbean Designs was born.